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Entries by Richard (RJ) Eskow from 01/2008

It's Altamont On The Potomac, But Where's Keith Richards?

| Posted 01.01.2008 | Politics

Edwards has been auditioning for the Keith Richards role, and doing a pretty good job of it. Obama's articulating some Keith-like goals with Mick-like eloquence.

Hillary's 'Comeback Kid' Opportunity -- Already Squandered?

| Posted 01.04.2008 | Politics

The electorate is unimpressed by her campaign strategy, and her response seems to be to tear down the other guy so that voters will accept her because they have no other choice.

Is the Press Helping Obama? It's Not That Simple.

| Posted 01.07.2008 | Media

Hillary was able to dominate the race (at least until Iowa) because journalists uncritically repeated ideas that were carefully planted by her campaign, i.e. that she was the overwhelming favorite.

New Hampshire Lessons: Identity Wars, Rorschach Politics, and the Burden of Super-Genius

| Posted 01.10.2008 | Media

Identity conflicts are driving this election. If a campaign seems to show disrespect for a voter's self-perceived identity, they'll go elsewhere.

Strange Bedfellows: The Clintons, Karl Rove, and Erica Jong (Erica Jong??)

| Posted 01.11.2008 | Politics

When Karl Rove claims that Obama "bluffs" and makes "misstatements" or "exaggerations," he's appealing to bigots who believe black people are inherently dishonest.

Monsters in the Democratic Id

| Posted 01.16.2008 | Politics

The entire Clinton team could suddenly have become accident-prone when it comes to racial statements. But there are books on subliminal messaging in politics and they have read them.

This Debate's a Reminder: Support Politics, Not Politicians

| Posted 01.21.2008 | Politics

A Cult of Personality makes people stop thinking for themselves. And this Democratic primary season's been obsessed with personality.

"Progressive Reagans" vs. Triangulation

| Posted 01.24.2008 | Politics

What progressive wouldn't want a "progressive Reagan"? And what Democrat wouldn't want to win disaffected Republicans and more independents? That's all Obama was saying.

"Black Candidate," Blue Voters, White Heat -- And a Troubling Silence

| Posted 01.27.2008 | Politics

I don't know what makes me sadder: The gutter politics we've seen over the last few weeks, or the apparent willingness of some Democrats to tolerate it in hopes of a victory in November.

1) GOP Frat House Rumble. 2) Did Rudy Take a Dive? 3) Excuse Me, I Think You Forgot Something.

| Posted 01.30.2008 | Politics

It was a debate for the ages, ladies and gentlemen! Like Lincoln vs. Douglas, but on laughing gas. Underwater. In 1962.