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Entries by Richard (RJ) Eskow from 11/2009

Time to Kill the Pseudo-Public Option -- and Other Things to Tell Your Representative

| Posted 11.02.2009 | Politics

There are two critical tests for health care reform: Is it an improvement over what we have today? And is it structured so that further improvements can be made?

Base to Obama: Come In, Please

| Posted 11.03.2009 | Politics

Obama seems to be deliberately moving his party rightward in order to capture the political spectrum from center/right to left. He wants to become the Tony Blair of American politics.

Democratic Party Out of Bounds

| Posted 11.09.2009 | Politics

To the House Dems who reportedly chanted "Fired up! Ready to go!": This isn't a pep rally. This situation calls for a little less partying and a little more party leadership, a few less amendments and a lot more amends.

A Short Vocabulary Lesson for Sen. Lieberman (With Some History Thrown In At No Extra Charge)

| Posted 11.11.2009 | Politics

People who label Nidal Malik Hasan a "terrorist," like Joe Lieberman has done, literally don't understand the meaning of the word. How can they protect us from it if they don't even know what it is?

No, Rachel, No! This "Health Reform" Could Lose the Middle Class for Dems

| Posted 11.13.2009 | Politics

If Democrats and progressives are really concerned about middle-class votes -- and they should be -- it's statements like a recent pronouncement by Rachel Maddow that should concern them.

Phantom America, Thanks For Nothing!

| Posted 11.26.2009 | Politics

The heart that struggles with disappointment and sadness believes too easily that hope is a lie, a fraud, another hustler's pitch to the next sucker walking down the street.