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Entries by Richard (RJ) Eskow from 06/2010

Law and Order: AIG

| Posted 06.01.2010 | Business

The DoJ announced last week that there would be no indictments in the collapse of AIG. Nobody's guilty? That's getting it backward. It's like Murder On the Orient Express: They all did it. But we're the only ones who are going to pay for it.

Obama, Progressives, and Leadership

| Posted 06.04.2010 | Politics

Progressives shouldn't follow leaders -- they should exploit them. Politicians aren't heroes, they're tools to be used in a greater cause. We need to be unrelenting in challenging the right, whose ideology has demonstrably failed.

Why This Ex-AIG Executive Is Protesting Treasury's Backdoor "AIG Bailout"

| Posted 06.08.2010 | Politics

Life can only be understood backward, but it has to be lived forward. That's the only explanation I can offer for the strange turn of events that led to me becoming an AIG executive, then a progressive writer/blogger.

The Unbearable Lightness of Reading Dana Milbank

| Posted 06.11.2010 | Media

Feel free to read Dana Milbank if that sort of thing appeals to you, but don't imagine for a minute that you're learning anything. That would be like studying the French Revolution by reading Marie Antoinette's cake recipes.

Big Banks vs. American Businesses: "Section 716" Forces Congress to Choose

| Posted 06.15.2010 | Politics

The debate over derivatives has become a proxy fight that pits American businesses -- the engines of economic growth -- against the megabank lenders who have been using publicly provided discounts to make out like bandits.

Frank and Franken: The Gentleman From Massachusetts Wins One for Wall Street

| Posted 06.16.2010 | Politics

Barney Frank won them at least two more years of a broken system, of selling highly-risky products while the agencies entrusted with evaluating the risk have an incentive to look the other way.

Simpson's Social Security Video Rant: Why It's Important

| Posted 06.18.2010 | Politics

It's frightening to consider the implications of Simpson's reaction - the fierceness, the ideological drive, and the closed-mindedness. Remember, his Commission has been entrusted with determining your financial future.

Help Ensure House and Senate Managers 'Aren't in a Good Mood' About Shady Auto Deals

| Posted 06.21.2010 | Politics

Auto dealer lending practices are a disgrace. If bank auto loans are regulated but car dealer loans aren't, unscrupulous bankers will use dealers as minions to make an end run around consumer protection.

Stan McChrystal: When a Sideman Wants to Be the Frontman

| Posted 06.22.2010 | Politics

Obama and McChrystal are both singing the wrong tune, and Afghanistan's the wrong venue. The band would be better off packing up their amps and going home.

America "Speaks" on Saturday, but There's an Anti-Social Security Script

| Posted 06.23.2010 | Politics

The AmericaSpeaks agenda flies in the face of recommendations from Krugman, fellow Nobel winner Joseph Stiglitz, and other economists who believe we need to stimulate the economy before moving aggressively on the deficit.

Gen. Petraeus Goes to War, Mrs. Petraeus Loses to Car Salesman in Congress

| Posted 06.24.2010 | Politics

The argument that "car dealers had nothing to do with the economic crisis" doesn't wash. Reform is designed to prevent the next crisis as much as it is to avoid a repeat of the last one.

Financial Reform: The Road Behind, the Way Forward

| Posted 06.25.2010 | Politics

The House and Senate have reached an agreement and we have a financial reform bill. We still have work to do. We must be the voices of reason, the ones who praise what's been accomplished but call for even deeper reforms going forward.

Dear Dylan Ratigan: Let's Rage Against the Machine ... but Tactically

| Posted 06.28.2010 | Politics

Let's praise the politicians when they work for us, punish them when they don't, and always keep the long view in mind.

What I Saw at "AmericaSpeaks": A Mind Control Experiment Gone Horribly Right

| Posted 06.28.2010 | Politics

After much hype and buildup, the AmericaSpeaks "national town meeting" on cutting the deficit was held on Saturday. I watched the proceedings via web...

Is John Boehner a Mole for Code Pink? A Democratic Plant, Maybe?

| Posted 06.29.2010 | Politics

Conspiracy theorists may conclude that John Boehner is a closet peacenik. Why else would he confront the American people with an either/or choice between a popular social program and a war?

The Fog Of Reform: Dems Oversell While Tea Party Saves Billions For Hedge Funds

| Posted 06.30.2010 | Politics

When Democrats oversell this bill they leave themselves open to the criticism that they don't understand what's happening out here on Main Street.