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Entries by Jon Robin Baitz from 12/2007

They Were Wrong

| Posted 12.05.2007 | Entertainment

This labor action should serve to put the purveyors of mega-new media corporatism on notice that the old game, the old trope of "schmucks with Underwoods," is at this point almost entirely denuded of any truth or viability.

"Prodese Quam Conspici"

| Posted 12.07.2007 | Entertainment

As we go into the second half of December, I remain entirely certain that my Guild will prevail. It will do so through solidarity, through an educated, energized, politicized membership, and through the cool, calm anger of the just.

A Very Good Dog Who Taught Me Some New Tricks.

| Posted 12.12.2007 | Entertainment

Among the things I've learned from my three-legged dog: When sleeping with a human, sometimes it's fun to lick them in the middle of the night for no reason, or get really, really, really close, especially in winter.

Mike Huckabee and the Evolving Blood-Sport of Pious One- Upmanship

| Posted 12.18.2007 | Politics

Watching Mike Huckabee's warm new campaign ad, I was filled with a warm feeling of my own as he talked about Christmas being about Jesus. A warm feeling, which I recognized not so much as comfort but rather as dread.

The Year of The Dreamer

| Posted 12.31.2007 | Politics

Today, on the last day of a ruthless bitch of a year, I believe that our best hopes lie with Barack Obama. He is, in my opinion, a dreamer, an idealist, and our best hope to regain stature, pride, and to find a path to peace that is both lasting and fierce.