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Entries by Robert J. Elisberg from 11/2006

It's Mourning in America

| Posted 11.02.2006 | Politics
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The genius Karl Rove and his October Surprise. If anyone is waiting, it's November. The only surprise was Mark Foley. Although as surprises go, it was a good one.

GOP Teaches Democrats a Lesson

| Posted 11.06.2006 | Politics
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In an ABC interview, the abnormally unpopular Vice President proclaimed that "We've got the basic strategy right" in Iraq and are going "full speed ahead."

The Party of Morals Learns a Moral

| Posted 11.09.2006 | Politics
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When you joke about your opponents measuring for curtains, you may discover that it turns out to be curtains for you.

The Cut and Run Republicans

| Posted 11.14.2006 | Entertainment
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Adding to the ethereal quality of the election - perhaps even most ethereal - was the turnabout by the Republicans immediately following.

Was the Election a Win for Liberals?

| Posted 11.16.2006 | Politics
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Would you rather call this a victory for liberals, or for moderate Democrats like Hillary Clinton? We all won, group hug.

The Bush Administration Meets Pre-9/11 Thinking

| Posted 11.21.2006 | Politics
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Stay the Course. "We'll succeed unless we quit." And so, we now know this grand Post-9/11 Thinking is nothing more than Henry Kissinger still trying to win Vietnam.

Four Quiet Things to Be Thankful For

| Posted 11.24.2006 | Politics
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After six years of government by blind faith, ignorance, misdirection and foolish division, I'm thankful we have a chance.

Does the President Even Care What He Says?

| Posted 11.28.2006 | Politics
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Actually, the question isn't so much, does the President care what he says - it's do the people who support him?

Mr. Bush Welcomes You to Libraryland

| Posted 11.30.2006 | Politics
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The Bush Library will be $500 million. To put this in perspective, you could build the Clinton Library and Madison Square Garden - and still have $135 million left over to try and find the WMDs.