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Entries by Robert J. Elisberg from 06/2008

Why "Kill the Messenger" Backfired Against Scott McClellan

| Posted 06.03.2008 | Politics

When the White House claims that McClellan is disgruntled, they're missing the huge point: 81% of America is disgruntled. They're on his side.

Warner Bros. Explains Why the Strike Was Necessary

| Posted 06.05.2008 | Entertainment

Any questions on the strike should now be all laid to rest, with all fingers properly pointed at the actual cause and corporate perpetrators.

Obama-McCain: The Early Results

| Posted 06.10.2008 | Politics

If McCain can lose six points running against no one, it should raise major caution signs to Republicans about what happens when he's actually challenged.

A Near-Nuclear Disaster is Still a Disaster

| Posted 06.12.2008 | Politics

Even most Democrats criticized Bill Clinton for screwing around with an intern. I'd like to believe that Republicans could muster up some disappointment over screwing up over nuclear material.

The Writers Workbench: Power to the People

| Posted 06.17.2008 | Business

The pleasure of using portable electronic devices wherever you wander lends itself to one of the downsides -- the drain of battery power. Here are six on-the-go solutions.

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Moyers Ambush

| Posted 06.19.2008 | Politics

The volunteer sent in by his commander for no valid news reason, just to bully someone for his boss's self-aggrandizement. The foolish attempt to ambush Moyers is a microcosm of the Iraq war.

Lou Dobbs Stomps Out the Smoldering Match

| Posted 06.24.2008 | Media

Lou Dobbs is a bright, thoughtful, concerned and caring. The shame is that too often he tends to get distracted from using those qualities together when a microphone is placed before him.

The Good Thing About Republicans Attacking Michelle Obama

| Posted 06.26.2008 | Politics

When the best you can come up with is attacking your opponent's wife, boy howdy, it shows that you're in serious trouble.