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Entries by Robert J. Elisberg from 09/2008

Steve Goodman, and the Surprising Story of "Go, Cubs, Go"

| Posted 09.02.2008 | Entertainment

Singer-songwriter Steve Goodman has always been popular in his hometown of Chicago, bursting on the scene in the 1970s. However, he's always been little-known outside the city.

Sarah Palin's Speech: The Good, the Bad, and the Whoops

| Posted 09.04.2008 | Politics

Her best parts -- her attacks -- left her glaringly open and without defense. Democrats couldn't seem "mean" before. Not any more, she attacked first. Foolish.

John McCain Discovers You Only Get One Chance to Make a Last Impression

| Posted 09.05.2008 | Politics

The speech was excellent during its last, rousing minute. But that came at the 50-minute mark -- at which point the people hurting had probably turned off their TVs to save on electricity.

Have You Seen Me?

| Posted 09.08.2008 | Politics
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It's About John McCain. It's All About John McCain. It's Only About John McCain.

| Posted 09.09.2008 | Politics

Try defending his VP candidate however you want -- but the effort is wasted breath, you're missing the point. The point is that this all reflects directly on John McCain.

12 Reasons Why Obama-Biden Will Win

| Posted 09.11.2008 | Politics

Close as the polls seem, pollsters don't call cell phones. Considering the reality that young voters are fiercely-motivated for Barack Obama, none of that is being figured into the polls.

HuffPost Exclusive: Debate Transcripts Leaked!

| Posted 09.16.2008 | Politics

Two weeks before the first presidential debate even takes place on September 26 between Barack Obama and John McCain, transcripts of that debate have ...

In Praise of Sarah Palin

| Posted 09.18.2008 | Politics

Let me say it out loud -- Sarah Palin will sweep the floor with Joe Biden. She is easily the favorite in her debate. Joe Biden is the woeful underdog.

The Unknown Story Behind the Merkle Blunder

| Posted 09.23.2008 | Chicago

Today is the 100th anniversary of perhaps the most famous gaffe the history of baseball. Given that it's about screwing up, it should come as no surprise that the story concerns the Chicago Cubs.

The Wheels Come Off the Straight Talk Express

| Posted 09.25.2008 | Politics

If these Bold Moves are John McCain at his best, if this week has been John McCain in a crisis, then the McCain Campaign yesterday spun off the cliff.

Where Should the Bar Be Set for Sarah Palin?

| Posted 09.30.2008 | Politics

As a result of her alarming interviews, doing better than expectations is no longer the bar for Palin. That ship has long passed. She must convince Americans that she won't destroy America.