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Entries by Robert J. Elisberg from 10/2008

Writers Workbench: iPod Accessories

| Posted 10.02.2008 | Entertainment

Though many have a non-iPod media player, the reality is that those who do are growing like weeds. Here's an opening offering of just a very few of those accessories now available.

George Bush is President of the United States

| Posted 10.07.2008 | Politics

Republicans want to pretend that Bush isn't president and hasn't lead the nation into hell for the past eight years, but Bush is still the head of the Republican Party.

John McCain Sells His Country Down the River

| Posted 10.09.2008 | Politics

You see, when you've spent your entire life fighting regulation and oversight, in the end it can only lead to one ultimate disaster -- Sarah Palin.

John McCain Wants to Win at All Costs, and It Has a Cost

| Posted 10.14.2008 | Politics

When somebody chooses to jeopardize the safety of his country, twice, you no longer owe him any admiration.

The Writers Workbench: Backup Options

| Posted 10.16.2008 | Media

Arguably the simplest, most important and least-used application for computers is backing up.

| Posted 10.16.2008 | Politics
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The Little Known Truth of Barack Obama's Legislative Record

| Posted 10.21.2008 | Politics

Anyone who suggests that Obama has been ineffectual in his 12-year career as an elected representative doesn't know what they are talking about. Or is lying.

When a Landslide Isn't a Landslide

| Posted 10.23.2008 | Politics

Given the vicious smearing of Barack Obama, it's especially essential for him, should he win, to not just sneak in but win by as much as possible, to get an unquestioned mandate.

How Would You Feel if You Were a Republican?

| Posted 10.28.2008 | Politics

The actions of the Republican Party today don't support small government, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, or protecting the Constitution. How would you feel if you were a Republican?

Dear God, Save Us From Ourselves

| Posted 10.30.2008 | Politics

Liberals have their many flaws. But at least when they enter government service, it's because they believe in the good they think it can do.

Studs Terkel Lives On

| Posted 10.31.2008 | Chicago

Studs Terkel died on Friday in Chicago at the age of 96. He was too young. But then, whenever he ended up dying, he'd be too young.