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Entries by Robert J. Elisberg from 11/2008

The Biggest Loser of the Election is...

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Politics

President George Bush is the big loser for reasons that have nothing to do with the election -- he's in a no-win situation regardless of what happens after the election.

"Politics of Change" Just Changed More Than You Think

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Politics

Obama ran a campaign that began with a speech that proclaimed, "We aren't Red States. We aren't Blue States. We are the United States." And that is how he won. That is the politics of change.

One Sentence Helps Explain Why the GOP Lost

| Posted 11.06.2008 | Politics

In one clear sentence, we are given an insight into the conservative mindset. In one simple question, we see more than just a sense of entitlement, almost to the degree of noblesse oblige.

Center-Right is Center-Wrong

| Posted 11.11.2008 | Politics

If Republicans want to doubt what theoretically happened on November 4, that's their right. But it doesn't change the reality.

Return to Paradise: A Different Election Story

| Posted 11.13.2008 | Politics
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For all the circus-like turbulence that the American political system goes through every four years, there ended up being only one headline this elect...

Oh. NOW, She Wants to Talk

| Posted 11.18.2008 | Politics

Now, if you were standing between Sarah Palin and a camera, you'd be stampeded. It's like she's morphed into the creepy Norma Desmond at the end of Sunset Boulevard.

The Writers Workbench: Say "Cheese" Digitally

| Posted 11.20.2008 | Entertainment

Photography has gone through a twisted path. Digital cameras have simplified and confused the process.

The Real McCain

| Posted 11.25.2008 | Politics

John McCain didn't have an out-of-body experience after he got the Republican nomination. John McCain didn't have an evil twin campaigning for him. That was John McCain.