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Entries by Robert Kuttner from 11/2009

How to Abort the Recovery

| Posted 11.01.2009 | Politics

As unemployment continues to rise, deficit hawks are upping their efforts to use the economic crisis as a pretext for gutting basic social programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

The Audacity to Change

| Posted 11.08.2009 | Politics

Obama, like Kennedy, needs to overcome the dubious counsel of his own advisers, this time both economic and military. The president needs to listen to other voices, including his own.

A Wake Up Call on Jobs

| Posted 11.15.2009 | Politics

President Obama has announced a White House Jobs Summit for next month. However, this is not a moment for another White House gab fest. It's a time for progressive leadership.

Don't Mess With Maria

| Posted 11.22.2009 | Politics

Surprisingly, the best informed and most relentless financial reform crusader is not a committee chair at all but a back-bench Senator from Washington state, Maria Cantwell.

Recovery And Debt: Squaring The Circle

| Posted 11.29.2009 | Politics

We do need to reduce the ratio of debt to GDP. But we need to do it after the economy is back in recovery. And we need to do it using the normal legislative process. And above all, we need to use progressive taxation rather than program cuts.