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Entries by Robert Kuttner from 03/2010

We're in Trouble When the Radical Is Paul Volcker

| Posted 03.07.2010 | Politics

Volcker is no radical. He is the former Fed chairman. He has a tightwad's view of monetary policy, even in a severe recession. But he has been around long enough to know that Wall Street speculators are capable of terrible mischief when regulations are dismantled. If Obama is serious about financial reform, he needs to fight for it -- against corporate Democrats as well as Republicans, and against his chums on Wall Street. Paul Volcker deserves better than intermittent gestures. So do the American people.

The End of an Illusion

| Posted 03.14.2010 | Politics

With all the health care bill's deficiencies, winning its passage would be a triumph, not just for expansion of health coverage, but for Obama's capacity to grow in office and defeat Republican obstruction.

Defining Moment

| Posted 03.21.2010 | Politics

We have seen a president who evidently has learned how to lead, who relishes winning, and who is primed to become a more effective progressive. For that we should be grateful. It should whet his appetite as a fighter -- and ours.

Next, Banking Reform

| Posted 03.28.2010 | Business

It was a pleasure to see President Obama exercise some leadership and muscle towards health reform. Now, we need to see a similar display of presidential leadership on financial reform.