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Entries by Robert Kuttner from 08/2010

The Appeal of Austerity Is Fading -- Where Is Obama?

| Posted 08.01.2010 | Politics

Where is the high-profile Obama speech making clear that the top priority for now is putting America back to work, and that deficit reduction will come when the economy is back on track?

Who Are You Going to Believe -- Tim Geithner or Your Own Lying Eyes?

| Posted 08.09.2010 | Business

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's Op-Ed in the New York Times is titled, with no intended irony, "Welcome to the Recovery." His story is essentially this: Don't believe what you experience in your own life; believe us.

Liberal Criticism of Obama Is Tough Love

| Posted 08.13.2010 | Politics
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Who got under Gibbs's skin? The White House expects liberals to be Obama allies. Yet left-of-center cable TV commentators like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow o...

Zillions for Wall Street, Zippo for Barack's Old Neighborhood

| Posted 08.22.2010 | Politics

While the Treasury Department found hundreds of billions of dollars to rescue giant Wall Street institutions, it refused to come up with the $75 million for which Chicago's ShoreBank qualified under the TARP program.

Simpson's 'Tits' Are the Least of It

| Posted 08.29.2010 | Politics

Social Security is in surplus until 2037. Yet the idea that the road to recovery leads through cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and other social outlays that are keeping the depression from worsening, if anything, is gaining traction among opinion elites.