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Entries by Robert Kuttner from 10/2010

Trade War Is Here -- and We've Disarmed

| Posted 10.03.2010 | Politics

American industry is so far into the tank with the Chinese, and the U.S. government is so heavily dependent on the Chinese to buy our bonds, that the administration can't imagine taking a hard line against Beijing.

Obama Calls the Question on Geithner

| Posted 10.10.2010 | Politics

The belated recognition that millions of mortgages are inadequately documented could be a blessing in disguise if it leads to stronger policy medicine both to clean up the banks and to help distressed homeowners.

Recovery, Please

| Posted 10.17.2010 | Politics

Republicans have made it impossible for the government to increase spending to create jobs and investment, and deficit hawks of both parties would rather have government tighten belts.

Two Speeches Obama Should Give -- and Probably Won't

| Posted 10.24.2010 | Politics
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If we want to put Social Security in the black forever, the best way to do it is to put Americans back to work and raise their wages, since Social Security is financed by payroll taxes.

What Lessons of Election Day?

| Posted 10.31.2010 | Politics

One of the myths of this stunted political moment is that Barack Obama "tried to do too much," and that purist, ungrateful liberals are mad at him over things like the absence of a public option in his heath bill. This is dangerous nonsense, and it matters because these widespread views among the pundit class will influence what lessons the media and Obama himself draw from what is likely to be an epic partisan defeat on Tuesday.