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Entries by Robert Kuttner from 11/2010

Time for Team B -- And a Movement

| Posted 11.07.2010 | Politics

Obama should invite in about six or eight smart people who have a very different view of how he should be leading, and he should give them an extended opportunity to make their case, without his usual advisers in the room.

What Planet Are Deficit Hawks Living on?

| Posted 11.14.2010 | Politics

If the deficit-hawks get their way, they type of economic calamity they warn about will only deepen, and produce a deeper political setback for the Obama administration.

Saving Progressivism From Obama

| Posted 11.21.2010 | Politics

If politics continues on its present course, about the best one might expect for 2012 is that the Republicans will nominate such a nut-case that Obama will stagger to re-election. But unless he is re-elected with a mandate to carry out drastically different policies, we can anticipate continued economic pain and continuing drift of the electorate to the right. So what is the alternative? My audacious hope is that progressives can move from disillusion to action and offer the kind of political movement and counter-narrative that the president should have been leading.

Backbone, Please

| Posted 11.28.2010 | Politics

The media are infatuated with the idea that excessive partisanship is symmetrical ('If only the Republicans and the Democrats would meet each other halfway, the nation's ills would be solved'). There are two problems with this formulation. Firstly, the Republicans and Democrats aren't playing the same game.