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Entries by Robert Kuttner from 02/2011

Business Doesn't Need American Workers

| Posted 02.06.2011 | Business

America now has about 25 million people either out of work or underemployed. Meanwhile, corporate profits continue to set records. What's going on?

From Depression to Public Inspiration

| Posted 02.13.2011 | Politics

Did you ever wonder why some of America's greatest public works projects were accomplished during its worst depression? President Obama has the right idea when he calls for major investment in 21st Century infrastructure.

Gandhi in East Boston

| Posted 02.17.2011 | World

Of course Gene Sharp is a pacifist. Non-violent, passive resistance has been the whole point of his life's work. You might as well write that some people suspect Gandhi of being a pacifist.

Wisconsin's Tunisia Moment

| Posted 02.20.2011 | Politics

The Republicans' miscalculation in Wisconsin was to declare war on the one bastion of organized economic representation of regular people -- the labor movement.

The Left Edge of the Possible

| Posted 02.27.2011 | Politics

We need to take back our politics, so that what is sensible is also possible. Maybe, just maybe, events in Madison and elsewhere are the beginning of that process.