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Entries by Robert Naiman from 10/2008

Wall Street Bailout Threatens World's Poor

| Posted 10.02.2008 | Politics

On Monday the House voted down the the Bush Administration's request that Congress authorize $700 billion for purchasing Wall Street's "toxic assets" ...

To Bail Out Wall Street, Would Biden Abandon Kids in Africa?

| Posted 10.03.2008 | Politics

Now that the Senate and the Roman people have come to consensus that Senator Biden won the debate - obviously he had an unfair advantage, since he rea...

On Invasion Anniversary, British Govt Says: Talk to Taliban

| Posted 10.07.2008 | Politics

The Brits are trying to get through to us, perhaps because they fear that some of the rhetoric of the presidential campaign risks locking the U.S. into a path of military escalation.

What the Debate Missed on Afghanistan: Brits Say Talk to Taliban

| Posted 10.08.2008 | Politics

Our British allies are telling us that there is no military solution, that there must be a political solution -- there should be talks with the Taliban.

General Petraeus: Talks with the Taliban Are Kosher

| Posted 10.10.2008 | Politics

Did our incoming commander in Afghanistan just compare the Taliban to our Founding Fathers?

Gates Says Talks with Taliban "Conceivable" -- Let's Get Started

| Posted 10.12.2008 | Politics

One obstacle seems to be that our politicians have painted our country into a rhetorical corner through years of demonizing the Taliban.

Pentagon Challenge: Ask Iraqis How Many Have Died

| Posted 10.13.2008 | Politics

Not only should Congress require the Pentagon to ask these questions, but Congress should require the Pentagon to use the data so gathered to create estimates of Iraqi deaths since 2003.