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Entries by Robert Naiman from 09/2010

Iraq/Afghanistan: A Promise Kept, a Promise Deferred

| Posted 09.01.2010 | World

The Iraq war is not over. This is not a left-wing critique. The consensus of the mainstream U.S. print media is that the 50,000 U.S. troops who remain there have been rebranded from "combat" brigades to "advise-and-assist" brigades.

Why Peaceniks Should Care About the Afghanistan Study Group Report

| Posted 09.10.2010 | World

They may not be useful for making posters for a demonstration. But for lobbying Congressional staff or making other presentations to people not already on our side, the arguments of the Afghanistan Study Group are likely to be useful.

Can the U.S. Negotiate Peace in Afghanistan?

| Posted 09.17.2010 | World

There is always the danger, from the point of view of those who oppose any compromise, that compromise might not be so impossible to achieve as they have been trying to make everyone believe.

Linda Polman on "Afghaniscam": Is U.S. "Aid" Making Things Worse?

| Posted 09.20.2010 | World

Are the actions of the U.S. government making Afghans worse off than they would be if the U.S. were doing nothing in Afghanistan?

For Jobs and Peace, Re-Elect Feingold-McGovern and a Democratic Congress

| Posted 09.27.2010 | World

If some Democrats want to punish Obama at the ballot box, sitting on their hands while Republicans take down Russ Feingold and Jim McGovern and the Democratic Congress is an irrational way to do it.

The Washington Post Wants Your Social Security to Pay for the War

| Posted 09.29.2010 | World

The Washington Post wants you to work until age 70 before collecting Social Security benefits in order to pay for the Post's sacred war in Afghanistan.