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Entries by Robert Reich from 10/2009

The Truth About Jobs That No One Wants to Tell You

| Posted 10.02.2009 | Business

Yes, I know. Our government is already deep in debt. But let me tell you something: When one out of six Americans is unemployed or underemployed, this is no time to worry about the debt.

The Phantom Recovery and What To Do About Jobs

| Posted 10.05.2009 | Business

The economy may be in a technical recovery but this is not a real recovery and the "green shoots" or "positive signs" that Wall Street cheerleaders love to shout about are phantoms of their ever-optimistic imaginations.

Why Obama Should Not Have Received the Peace Prize -- Yet

| Posted 10.12.2009 | Politics

Giving the Peace Prize to the President before any of his goals have been attained only underscores the paradox of Obama at this early stage of his presidency.

Going To Copenhagen Empty-Handed

| Posted 10.12.2009 | Green

There's no way between now and Copenhagen that Obama can get a strong climate bill through Congress. So here's my suggestion.

The Audacity of Greed

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Politics

Health insurers have just made the best argument yet about why a public insurance option is necessary.

Lessons From Letterman in Health Reform

| Posted 10.19.2009 | Politics

If Obama doesn't weigh in forcefully and say "no" to the hush money arranged in January for Big Pharma, big insurance, and the AMA, America's middle class will get walloped. And so will he in 2012.

Why Wall Street Reform is Stuck in Reverse

| Posted 10.22.2009 | Politics

Congress is struggling to produce even the tiniest shards of regulation that would at least give the appearance of doing something to rein in the Street.

Breaking Up the Big Banks, and Why Congress Won't Do It

| Posted 10.26.2009 | Business

Two ideas are floating around Washington regarding how to handle 'too big to fail' banks, but only one is supported by the Treasury and the White House. Unfortunately, it's the wrong one.