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Entries by Robert Reich from 11/2009

Health Care Reform is Critically Important, But Getting Americans Back to Work is More So

| Posted 11.02.2009 | Politics

The optimist in me says Obama can pivot off a health-care victory and launch some new initiatives that palpably and quickly spur job growth. The realist says there aren't any such initiatives.

Why We Need Even More Stimulus

| Posted 11.05.2009 | Business

2009-11-05-reich2.jpgObama must return to Congress for more stimulus spending. Here's how he should sell it.

An Open Letter to Harry Reid on Controlling Health Care Costs

| Posted 11.13.2009 | Politics

Nobody promised you this would be easy, Harry. But, hell, why are you there, anyway? Your responsibility is to do the right thing by the American people and bring down future health-care costs.

Obama, China, and Wishful Thinking About American Jobs

| Posted 11.17.2009 | Politics

The dirty little secret on each side of the Pacific is that both America and China are capable of producing far more than their own consumers are capable of buying. The root of the problem is in domestic inequality.

The Ersatz Public Option

| Posted 11.19.2009 | Politics

Harry Reid's public option is a token public option -- a fleeting gesture toward the idea of a public option, so small and desiccated as to be barely worth mentioning except that it still contains the word "public."

The Housing Crisis And Wall Street Shame (Or Lack Thereof)

| Posted 11.29.2009 | Business

Shaming Wall Street won't work. Only political muscle and courage will. Congress and the Obama administration should give homeowners the right to go to a bankruptcy judge and have their mortgages modified.