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Entries by Robert Reich from 12/2009

The Economic Reality That No One Wants to Talk About

| Posted 12.02.2009 | Business

The basic assumption that jobs will eventually return when the economy recovers is probably wrong. Some jobs will come back, of course. But righting the ship will take far-reaching systemic change.

The President's Jobs Initiative Doesn't Measure Up

| Posted 12.09.2009 | Business

There is no reason to tolerate this degree of misery. We know exactly what to do. The government has the fiscal tools to do it. Start by bailing out state and local governments and spending on infrastructure.

How a Few Private Health Insurers Are on the Way to Controlling Health Care

| Posted 12.11.2009 | Politics

From the start, opponents of the public option have wanted to portray it as big government preying upon the market, and private insurers as the embodiment of the market. But it's just the reverse.

Slouching Toward Health Care Reform

| Posted 12.17.2009 | Politics

The Dems eventually will get a bill they can call "reform," but they will not be able to say with straight faces that the reform is a significant improvement over the terrible system we already have.

2009: The Year Wall Street Bounced Back and Main Street Got Shafted

| Posted 12.28.2009 | Politics

If 2009 has proved anything, it's that the bailout of Wall Street didn't trickle down to Main Street. Mortgage delinquencies continue to rise. And people everywhere, it seems, are worried about losing their jobs.