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Entries by Robert Reich from 03/2010

The Jobless Rate Makes Health Care Reform Both Harder and More Important

| Posted 03.05.2010 | Politics

Americans desperately need both health care reform and jobs. Even if it's difficult for many to make the connection, it's still possible for the nation to try to do two important things at the same time.

Bail Out Our Schools

| Posted 03.08.2010 | College

The Obama administration's plan for $4.35 billion in extra federal funds for under-performing public schools, relative to the financial squeeze they currently face, is a cruel joke.

The Sham Recovery

| Posted 03.12.2010 | Business

So where will demand come from to save Main Street once the stimulus wears off? That question is the big unknown hanging over the U.S. economy. Until there's an answer, there's no recovery.

Why All House Democrats Must Vote for Health Care Reform

| Posted 03.15.2010 | Politics

From the start, Republicans have remembered the lesson of 1994. Now, as they prepare to vote, House Democrats should remember the lesson as well so as not to repeat that failure again.

The Final Health Care Vote and What it Really Means

| Posted 03.21.2010 | Politics

The passage of Obama's health care reform bill is the biggest thing Congress has done in decades, and has enormous political significance for the future.

Why the President's Next Big Thing Should Be Jobs

| Posted 03.26.2010 | Politics

There is no great mystery about what the federal government needs to do. It must mount a frontal attack on unemployment proportional to the problem.

Fraud on the Street

| Posted 03.30.2010 | Business

Even if financial reform is enacted without loopholes, there's no reason to think it will be enforced if laws already on the books, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, aren't.