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Entries by Robert S. McElvaine from 07/2008

"Bring 'Em On!" - The Fifth Anniversary of Bush's Declaration of Indecency

| Posted 07.02.2008 | Politics

Five years ago, when Bush said "bring 'em on!", he was inviting Iraqis to try to kill American troops. Few things a commander-in-chief could say would be as reprehensible as this comment.

Panic, Anyone?

| Posted 07.03.2008 | Politics

While President Bush continues to toss around such euphemisms as "rough patch" and "tough times," most Americans have clearly felt the effects of a recession for the past few months.

Jesus Thieves Convene for McCain

| Posted 07.06.2008 | Politics

Many of the nation's leading Jesus Thieves convened in Denver last Tuesday to work towards uniting behind the candidacy McCain, a man who used to have the courage to denounce such charlatans.

Ghosts of 1960

| Posted 07.15.2008 | Politics

For all the advantages that Barack Obama has this year, the same problems that nearly led to Kennedy losing to Nixon are lurking just below the surface of the 2008 political landscape.

Beer Drinkers, Beware McCain!

| Posted 07.16.2008 | Politics

"If we can do for beer what Bush and Cheney did for oil," Cindy McCain calculates, "I would think a $30.00 six-pack could be within reach by our second year in office."