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Entries by Robert Scheer from 02/2007

Bush Budget Delivers the Bacon

| Posted 02.07.2007 | Politics
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Bush's outrageous military budget has nothing do with fighting terrorism but everything to do with pumping up the profits of the administration's generous donors in the defense industry.

Before the Invasion, There Was Feith

| Posted 02.14.2007 | Politics
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Someday, you are going to read a whole lot about the shenanigans of one Douglas J. Feith and an elaborate scheme to get the United States to invade Iraq.

Hillary's Calculations Add Up to War

| Posted 02.21.2007 | Politics
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Let's face it: No matter how much many of us who oppose the war in Iraq would also love to elect a female president, Hillary Clinton is not a peace candidate. She is an unrepentant hawk.

Going Back to North Korea, Hat in Hand

| Posted 02.28.2007 | Politics
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There is nothing wrong with negotiating with our enemies rather than weakly blustering at cartoon images of them, but it would be nice if we would stop shooting ourselves in the foot first.