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Entries by Robert Scheer from 04/2009

In for a Penny, In for $2.98 Trillion

| Posted 04.01.2009 | Business

Those orchestrating the bailout and those grabbing the money are for the most part friends and former colleagues, with enormous respect for each other but not for the American taxpayer and homeowner.

Living Large and in Charge

| Posted 04.08.2009 | Business

No one has been more persistently effective in paving the way for the financial swindles that enriched the titans of finance while impoverishing the rest of the world than Lawrence Summers.

Endgame for Gramm?

| Posted 04.15.2009 | Business

The "nation of whiners" comment during the campaign was a sideshow compared with the serious charges now swirling around UBS, charges that may finally prove to be Phil Gramm's undoing.

Thievery Under the TARP

| Posted 04.22.2009 | Business

A new scathing report by the Treasury Department's special inspector general claims that the aptly named Troubled Asset Relief Fund bailout program is rife with mismanagement and potential for fraud.

The Clinton Bubble

| Posted 04.29.2009 | Business

Has Timothy Geithner ever had lunch with a non-megamillionaire who has lost his job or home because of the banking meltdown?