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Entries by Robert Scheer from 03/2010

Don't Blame Bunning

| Posted 03.03.2010 | Politics

It is vicious nonsense to transform Bunning, who has a long record of opposition to the bipartisan policies that caused America's financial mess, into a poster boy for economic heartlessness.

An Oscar for America's Hubris

| Posted 03.10.2010 | Entertainment

The Hurt Locker is an endorsement of the politically chauvinistic view that the world is a stage upon which Americans get to deal with their demons no matter the consequence for others.

Lame Bill from a Lame Duck

| Posted 03.17.2010 | Business

The Senate financial regulatory reform bill has only a nod in the direction of a return to the Glass-Steagall Act's separation of investment and banking firms, a regulation that Dodd helped kill a decade ago.

The Moderate Republican: An Endangered Species

| Posted 03.24.2010 | Politics

The lockstep march of the Republicans in radical resistance to even the most modest proposals to heal a deeply ailing nation leaves the Democrats as the only party that matters.

Sarah Palin, Neocon Messiah

| Posted 03.31.2010 | Politics

Judge them by their enemies. More evidence that Barack Obama might be shaping up as a good president is that Norman Podhoretz hates him so much.