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Entries by Robert Scheer from 08/2010

Married to the Clinton Mob

| Posted 08.04.2010 | Politics

Clinton nostalgia is dangerous nonsense, and for Democrats to go down that road is to avoid serious assessment of their own party's role in the economic debacle that haunts the nation.

The Rubin Con Goes On

| Posted 08.11.2010 | Politics

The corruptions of journalism were on full display when CNN's Fareed Zakaria turned to Robert Rubin this past Sunday for advice on how to fix the financial crisis that he, as much as anyone, caused.

Ground Zero for Tolerance

| Posted 08.18.2010 | Politics

With their full-on Cold War against Islam, are the Republicans terminally stupid or are they just playing the dangerous fool?

They Go or Obama Goes

| Posted 08.25.2010 | Politics

President Obama gained credibility through sacking Gen. Stanley McChrystal for making untoward remarks. Why not sack Summers and Geithner for untoward policies that have inflicted such misery on the general public?