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Entries by Robert Schlesinger from 05/2008

Ooh, ooh, look at me!

| Posted 05.02.2008 | Entertainment

What a week. There were book parties. Then there was the Daily Show on Wednesday night discussing White House Ghostsx-- quite the charge. I blogged...

Ask not why words matter, ask when they mattered most

| Posted 05.02.2008 | Politics

Words do matter and few presidents knew this better than JFK (who of course also understood that rhetorical power has its limits). How JFK came up wi...

Memo to Tom Hanks: Barack Obama Is No Harry Truman

| Posted 05.05.2008 | Politics

If elected, Obama, could become a magic speaker in the vein of the Big Three; the extent to which he can go off-the-cuff in a Trumanesque manner remains unclear.

McCain and the Imperial Presidency

| Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Will Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama get up and denounce this revitalized imperial presidency? The answer, I fear, is that you shouldn't hold your breath.

Hillary Clinton and the Veepstakes -- a Logical Move for Her

| Posted 05.08.2008 | Politics

With the last chances of winning the nomination slipping away, the question increasingly arises whether Clinton should hope for the number two spot. The answer is a clear yes.

Barack Obama's Campaign is Losing its Bearings

| Posted 05.09.2008 | Politics

How is it that the Obama campaign has let the debate become about whether he transgressed rather than whether McCain did?

Karl Rove and the Media-Politico Revolving Door: It Goes Further Back than Stephanopoulos

| Posted 05.12.2008 | Media

The New York Times traces the trend as far back as George Stephanopoulos's switch from the Clinton White House to ABC News, but it goes much further back.

McCain's Numbers: 2013, 4, 100... To Inanity and Beyond!

| Posted 05.16.2008 | Politics

McCain hopes that within four years of taking office, the Iraq war will be concluded. Is this a walk-back of his wish for a century-long, Korea-style military presence in Iraq.

What if Eight Years Later -- HBO's Recount

| Posted 05.21.2008 | Entertainment

Over at U.S. News and World Report we got a a top staffer from each side in the recount struggle to watch the movie and react to it.

What should the Democrats do about Michigan and Florida?

| Posted 05.22.2008 | Politics

Over at US News we've set up an open thread trying to get a sense of what people think -- what should the Democrats do about Michigan and Florida? Cl...

Preacher Feature: Whose Radioactive Reverend Is Worse? McCain's or Obama's?

| Posted 05.23.2008 | Politics

So John McCain has finally sent John Hagee and Rod Parsley the way of Jeremiah Wright. But you can be sure this isn't the last we'll hear of any of these names.

McCain and Bush: Loving Embrace or Stiff-arm?

| Posted 05.27.2008 | Politics

It's true that John McCain doesn't ordinarily invite the press to fund-raisers (in fairness: Neither does any other sane pol), but you can be sure tha...

Scott McClellan's Bush Book

| Posted 05.28.2008 | Politics

Where do loyalties lie? Is a White House staffer bound by loyalty to his boss and colleagues or to the public? Does loyalty mean keeping quiet when y...

Clinton Campaign Pre-Mortem --- How Much Blame to Lay at Bill Clinton's Fee?

| Posted 05.28.2008 | Politics

Bill Clinton's comebacks have mostly been from political near-death experiences of his own creation. Yes he comes back, but he often staked the other side to the lead.

New York edging towards gay marriage -- who's next?

| Posted 05.29.2008 | Politics

New York governor David Paterson has directed that state agencies treat all marriages -- gay and straight -- from other states. And good for him: The...

Scott McClellan and the Cases for Resignation or Betrayal

| Posted 05.30.2008 | Politics

There are two schools of thought forming inside regarding Scott McClellan's bombshell book: Either he should have resigned then, or he's been coopted by nefarious forces (read: liberal publishers).