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Entries by Robert Teitelman from 03/2011

The Knotty Problem of Partial Regulation

| Posted 03.01.2011 | Business

Today there's sensitivity to the dangers of regulatory arbitrage when regulatory regimes widely vary either nationally or internationally -- although, so far, there are few answers to resolve this beyond gestures toward coordination.

The Times' Wishful Thinking on Shareholders and Pay

| Posted 03.04.2011 | Business

The ultimate deconstruction of the notion of "scornful shareholders" goes to the wishful thinking the Times often indulges in -- that there really is a process called shareholder governance that works.

Why The New Republic is Wrong on Aggregation

| Posted 03.09.2011 | Media

An editorial in the New Republic resembles a plaintive cry that the Internet is taking us not to democratic heaven, but to democratic hell. I have some sympathy -- but with reservations.

Transactions: March 16, 2011

| Posted 03.16.2011 | Politics

Blame the Brits. In 1942, in the midst of world conflagration, the Brits went squishy. Sir William Beveridge, a member of Churchill's wartime governme...

St. Patrick's Day as a Derivative Instrument

| Posted 03.17.2011 | Business

Right next door to world headquarters of The Deal LLC looms the impressive wedding cake of the New York Stock Exchange, opened 1903. These days that c...

More on Private vs. Public

| Posted 03.28.2011 | Business

Felix Salmon has been continuing his discussion of companies avoiding public listings to stay private. I posted on this when he first wrote about the ...

Brazil, America and the Realities of Private Equity

| Posted 03.30.2011 | Business

Andrew Ross Sorkin argues that virtuous Brazilians are akin to "what the fledgling private equity industry circa the 1970s in the United States pursued." That is, before they became greedy barbarians in the '80s.