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Entries by Roberto Lovato from 02/2008

Super Duper Surg(e)imiento: How Obama Is (Finally) Cutting Into Clinton's Latino Advantage

| Posted 02.04.2008 | Politics

Whether or not the Obama campaign is successful in dropping the Clinton tally among Latinos, Super Tuesday will provide more than a few of the object lessons.

Clinton's Latino Advantage Decreases, Obama Surges as Latinos Vote Beyond Black and White

| Posted 02.06.2008 | Politics

Latinos delivered a loud and historic message to the candidates and pundits and to the country as a whole: the black-white electorate of yesteryear is dead.

Obama, Clinton Dump Border Wall in Debate

| Posted 02.22.2008 | Politics

For her part, Clinton was the better of the two in terms of the grace and intelligence with which she danced the Border Wall Flip-Flop; She used a recent border visit to launch into her epiphany.