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Entries by Robyn Blumner from 07/2008

The Vanishing Middle Class

| Posted 07.01.2008 | Politics

We now live in a country where there is no financial margin for most families to fall back on in case someone gets sick or a job is lost: life is far riskier than during the 1970s' economic crisis.

Scalia's 2nd Amendment Punt

| Posted 07.07.2008 | Politics

The Second Amendment has always put me in a quandary, but Scalia's opinion was not an honest attempt at sorting it out. It was a sophistical, political decision of just the type that he rails against.

America's Peasant Class

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Politics

Meatpacking at a unionized facility was at one time a ticket to a middle-class life. Today, thanks to absurdly lax enforcement of immigration laws, the same type of work buys a peasant's existence.

Workers Deserve a Rescue Too

| Posted 07.22.2008 | Business

There always seems to be plenty of money and will to rescue financial giants, but when the working stiffs of America need help to get paid, our government doesn't have enough resources to help.