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Entries by Roger I. Abrams from 12/2007

What's More American than a Home Run Hitter on Steroids?

| Posted 12.11.2007 | Entertainment

I have problems with a system that allows players to take cortisone shots to enhance their performance and high caffeine drinks to stay awake, but prohibits other substances.

Baseball's Mitchell Report a Platter of Hearsay and Innuendo

| Posted 12.13.2007 | Entertainment

As far as we know, none of the players on Mitchell's list ever failed a drug test. Their alleged "crime" was being on someone else's list as a purchaser of performance-enhancing substances.

How did the Steroids Change the Game?

| Posted 12.17.2007 | Entertainment

None of this means that steroids were good for the game, but rather that perhaps they had little or no impact on the game. Those who have a fetish for the asterisk should put their guns away.

Mitchell Report Mail Bag

| Posted 12.20.2007 | Entertainment

Now that the first storm of outrage about the contents of the Mitchell Report has subsided and the season of good cheer is upon us, let's take a look at the mail bag.