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Entries by Roger I. Abrams from 10/2009

Don't Squander® That Opportunity

| Posted 10.08.2009 | Entertainment

My colleague has designed a new team statistic called "the squander®," the offensive team's statistical equivalent of a pitcher's "blown save."

Rush Blitzed

| Posted 10.15.2009 | Entertainment

Limbaugh had made himself an icon of the reactionary right and an enemy to all persons of color. Two-thirds of all NFL players are black. There would be consequences for Rush's choice to pander to racism.

Blame it All on the Umpires

| Posted 10.24.2009 | Entertainment

The Alice-in-Wonderland performance of the men in blue has increased demands for instant replay. Baseball purists explode in response that, after all, the game is not football. What are we to do?

We Could All Use a Bye Week

| Posted 10.31.2009 | Entertainment

What then might amuse those football fans whose team has already fallen into the dumper? You can adopt another club just for the 2009 season. Toss them overboard and pick a winner.