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Entries by Roger I. Abrams from 01/2010

Gilbert Arenas and Sarah Palin

| Posted 01.06.2010 | Sports

Sarah Palin should come to the Nation's Capital and speak out in support of Arenas' right to tote. She could sell some books at the same time and it would be wonderful theater.

McGwire Used Steroids: Are You Surprised?

| Posted 01.11.2010 | Sports

McGwire's admission will be characterized by some as a tragedy and by others as justice served. The far more difficult issue is whether the steroids really did help him reach the fences.

What's in a Name?

| Posted 01.20.2010 | Sports

What then can be done, if anything, about Cleveland's Chief Wahoo? Commissioner Bud Selig has the power in the "best interest of baseball" to encourage a change in the mascot logo.

Saints And Salvation

| Posted 01.25.2010 | Sports

New Orleans is the kind of place that invites all to share in the redemption of their sweet triumph, even if others had not experienced the misery and despair that came from losing.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Football

| Posted 01.31.2010 | Sports

We are all accustomed to players acknowledging God's help. But just in case the divisiveness of religion had passed unnoticed, CBS, which will televise the Super Bowl, agreed to air an advocacy ad by Focus on the Family, a devotedly religious group.