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Entries by Russell Bishop from 05/2010

Are You Victimizing Yourself?

| Posted 05.03.2010 | Healthy Living

Self-imposed victimization, begins after the fact, when you continue to blame or bemoan the circumstances and therefore give up doing what you can to improve.

Why on Earth Are You Reading This?

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Healthy Living

For those who keep preferring to attack, for those who keep wishing to berate the greedy and the tyrannical, I would ask: how does the constant attack and heaping of blame change anything?

Are You Waiting To Be Empowered?

| Posted 05.17.2010 | Healthy Living

Some people seem to be pretty good at actually enhancing the odds of something bad happening to them. For this post, let's turn our attention to what you could do to enhance the odds of something good happening instead.

Can You Influence Others Through Self Empowerment?

| Posted 05.24.2010 | Healthy Living

There's a huge and powerful difference between positive thinking and taking positive action. Some people will sit in their room, creating positive images and affirmations about wanting a new car. However, they never leave their room.

Are You Fighting Against Your Own Upliftment?

| Posted 05.31.2010 | Healthy Living

A common theme running through these articles includes the notion that how you frame the problem is the problem coupled with it's not what happens to you but what you choose to do about it.