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Entries by Russell Shaw from 05/2006

Latino Immigrants, Conservative Religion May Be Holding You Back

| Posted 05.01.2006 | Huffington Post

Although I am not a Latino, and not an immigrant, I stand in solidarity with the immigrants who are making their voices heard today. I also stand in ...

Real Estate Crash Coming? Good, Some Of You Deserve It

| Posted 05.02.2006 | Huffington Post

I welcome it because of the irrefutable fact that our economic, financial and even justice system places wealthy homeowners in a higher caste then working, renting Americans.

U.S: Your Mother's Day Calls Are Suspect, Dubai Portmasters Are Not

| Posted 05.14.2006 | Politics
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This is an administration that would have trusted Dubai port masters to operate cargo container facilities in U.S. ports. But this is an administration that doesn't trust you to call your mother.

Meet Dick Cheney, the "What If" King

| Posted 05.15.2006 | Politics
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I'll bet you know a "what-if" type of person. An individual who imagines the worst-case scenario for pretty much any undertaking in life. After readi...

Tomorrow Morning, a Nuke Tower Goes KA-BOOM!

| Posted 05.20.2006 | Huffington Post

We here in the Northwest will have our own "swords to plowshares" moment. What is being deemed the "Trojan Implosion" will be watched, and welcomed, by millions.

Jean Rohe, You're Wrong

| Posted 05.22.2006 | Huffington Post

I have never bought into the notion that a university commencement speaker should be aligned, or not aligned, with the prevailing political or social winds on that campus.

Inside This Door, Your Government Violated Your Rights

| Posted 05.25.2006 | Huffington Post

Inside a room at 611 Folsom Street in San Francisco, AT&T has been helping the U.S. Government spy on you by mapping your long-distance calls, both domestic and overseas.

Satire: Fearful, Racist Border-Stater on Illegal Immigration

| Posted 05.29.2006 | Politics
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Note: There is a time to fight prejudice, and then there is a time to laugh at prejudice. Because prejudice is toxic, sometimes ridicule is the best d...

Women and Blogging: My Conversation with BlogHer's Jory Des Jardins

| Posted 05.30.2006 | Healthy Living
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Perseus Development Corporation says women bloggers comprise 56 percent of the blogging population. A recent Pew Internet survey says women comprise...