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Entries by Russell Shaw from 01/2007

Saddam, Bush, Skilling- All Brought Down By "Yes Men"

| Posted 01.04.2007 | Politics
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Some tyrants, politicians and business executives surround themselves with yes men. They live in a bubble and tolerate no dissent or checks. Dissent is not only patriotic. It is worth listening to.

IF You Drive A Hummer, You Ain't Helpin'

| Posted 01.06.2007 | Politics
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I hate Hummers. Not only are they guzzlers but they instantly brand you as an "I'm bad" militaristic freak- kind of like the meth dealer busted with four angry pit bulls in his pad.

Waist Deep In The Big Dusty-And The Little Fool Says To Push On

| Posted 01.11.2007 | Politics
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With reference to President "I'm the decider" Bush's decision to putting 20,000 or thousand more troops on the dusty streets of Baghdad and Anbar prov...

Here's The Real Reason Why There's No Street Outrage Against This War

| Posted 01.19.2007 | Politics
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In my corner of the world it seems that the significant majority of obits I read for our tragically slain soldiers in Iraq contains biographical elements that point to evangelical Christian piety.

Mr. President, If You Were Really Serious In Fighting the "War on Terror"

| Posted 01.22.2007 | Politics
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We would not have seen military assets shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq, to battle the leader of a nation that wasn't involved in 9/11. We would h...

Bush: He Thaid "Global Climate Change"

| Posted 01.24.2007 | Politics
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Now that he's taken that first step in terms of admitting that global climate change is a "challenge," then I have a couple of challenges.

That Anti-War March Won't Change Anything- But Here's What Will

| Posted 01.27.2007 | Politics
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Sensibly lobbying the GOP Senators who are up in 2008, as well as the pro-war Representatives from competitive districts.

Listen, You Consultants: We Want a President, We Don't Want a "Brand"

| Posted 01.29.2007 | Politics
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I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary's consultants researched this all the way to the colors of the couch pillows.

What Barbaro and Christopher Reeve Had In Common

| Posted 01.30.2007 | Politics
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In our current society, and with few exceptions, it is those beings with the financial resources that receive the best treatment.