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Entries by Ryan Grim from 07/2009

NAFTA And The Drug Cartels: "A Deal Made In Narco Heaven" -- Exclusive Excerpt and Live Chat at 3pm EST

| Posted 07.01.2009 | Politics

The NAFTA debate was difficult enough without having to talk about the sprawling Mexican drug trade and its attendant corruption. And how NAFTA would also end up benefiting the cartels. So President Clinton ordered his people not to talk about it.

Committee Dems Release Cheaper, Better Public Health Care Bill

Posted 07.02.2009 | Politics

Sen. Ted Kennedy's Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee released details of its plan Thursday to expand access to health insurance, create a ...

Dems: Virginia Station Won't Air GOP Climate Change Ad, Citing Factual Errors (VIDEO)

Posted 07.02.2009 | Politics

Congressional Republicans were dealt a setback Thursday in their attempt to punish Democrats in swing districts for voting for climate change legislat...

California Stations Reject Ad Calling For Pot Legalization

Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics

Three television stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles have rejected an ad promoting the legalization and taxation of marijuana, set to run on con...

Rep. Steve King Lone Vote Against Acknowledging Slave Labor Construction Of US Capitol

Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics
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That the United States Capitol, and specifically the Statue of Freedom that rests above it, was built by slave labor has long been a source of shame. ...

Read the Never-Before-Published Letter From LSD-Inventor Albert Hofmann to Apple CEO Steve Jobs

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics
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Steve Jobs has never been shy about his use of psychedelics. So, toward the end of his life, LSD inventor Albert Hofmann decided to write to the iPhone creator.

King Shifts Explanation For Opposing Slavery Resolution: It's Not Balanced

Posted 07.09.2009 | Politics

Generally, a politician is headed for trouble when he starts a thought on local radio by saying, "Slavery was abhorrent, but..." Most politicians ha...

Dem Rep: CIA Officials Could Be Charged For Lying To Congress

Posted 07.10.2009 | Politics

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), chair of a key intelligence subcommittee, called for an investigation Friday to determine if the CIA lied to the Congres...

House Dems Reverse Obama, Remove Ban On Needle Exchange Funding (VIDEO)

Posted 07.10.2009 | Politics

House Democrats have reversed a decision by President Obama and removed a ban on federal funding for needle-exchange programs that he included in the ...

GOP Rep.: Public Health Care Option "Is Gonna Kill People"

Posted 07.10.2009 | Politics

Rep. Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican, upped the rhetoric against public health care Friday, saying that giving people the option of a public plan "is...

Sotomayor Ads Hammer GOP Using Limbaugh "Bigot" Remarks

Posted 07.13.2009 | Politics

A progressive Latino organization is set to begin airing ads on Spanish-language radio attacking members of Congress over the nomination of Judge Soni...

Scuffle With Police Ends In Death For Man Trying To Swallow Drugs

Posted 07.13.2009 | Politics

In one of the most disturbing videos to have emerged from the drug war, a dashboard camera has caught police officers in Louisiana using force on a ma...

House Dems Take On Geithner Over Bailout Funds

Posted 07.13.2009 | Business

Congress is getting tired of asking nicely. Twenty House and Senate Democrats sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in May asking if he...

SEC Chair Floats Ratings Agency Crackdown

Posted 07.14.2009 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission chair Mary Schapiro floated the possibility of cracking down on a particularly egregious Wall Street habit at a...

After Obama Pressure, Senate Dems Put Health Care Reform Fate In Reid's Hands

Posted 07.14.2009 | Politics
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After feeling pressure from President Obama Monday to get a health care overhaul through the Senate by the August recess, two of the more cautious lea...

CBO: House Bill Would Cover 97 Percent Of Americans And Cost $1 Trillion

Posted 07.14.2009 | Politics

The Congressional Budget Office estimated in a letter to Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday that the House health care reform proposal would redu...

McConnell Distances Himself From Scandal-Ridden Ensign

Posted 07.14.2009 | Politics

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) is mired in a sex and corruption scandal that, in his own understated terminology, has been "not good." Having been caught p...

Waffling Baucus Made Firm Commitment To Obama: Rangel

Posted 07.14.2009 | Politics
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Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) committed to finish health care reform by the August recess in a meeting with President Obama Monday, Rep. Charles Rangel (D...

Dodd: A Good Health Care Bill More Important Than A Bipartisan One

Posted 07.15.2009 | Politics

The Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee approved a historic overhaul of the health care system on a party-line vote Wednesday morning...

Barney Frank, GOP Go After Credit Rating Agency Dominance

Posted 07.15.2009 | Business

Credit rating agencies have it pretty good. By law, banks are required to use one of three agencies to rate financial products, so no amount of dismal...

LEAKED: More Than Fifty House Progressives Privately Commit To Oppose Weak Health Care Bill

Posted 07.15.2009 | Politics

Progressive Democrats are taking a hard stand on health care reform, with a majority committing to oppose any health care reform package that doesn't ...

House Passes Bill That Allow Medical Marijuana In District Of Columbia Needle Exchange, Vouchers

Posted 07.16.2009 | Politics

UPDATE: THE bill passed Thursday evening. * * * * * The House began debating a bill Thursday that dances on almost every nerve in the social conser...

Reid Calls White House Health Care Ads Against Dems "Waste Of Money" (VIDEO)

Posted 07.16.2009 | Politics

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) sharply criticized a national advertising campaign partly directed at centrist Democrats wavering on health...

Reid Pushes Back On Senators Who Want To Delay Health Care

Posted 07.16.2009 | Politics

Before heading off to meet with President Obama on Thursday, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) said he planned to urge the president not to force an arbitrary ...

Senate Ends Health Care Talks For The Week With No Deal

Posted 07.16.2009 | Politics

A bipartisan group of seven members of the Finance Committee huddled all day Thursday, hoping to hammer out a compromise piece of health care legislat...