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Entries by Sahil Kapur from 05/2011

The Immigration Conundrum and Why Obama's Speech Won't Lead to Major Reforms

| Posted 05.11.2011 | Politics

Whatever happens in the near term, the status quo is unsustainable in the long run and bad for almost everybody. Washington will eventually have to address those in the country illegally as well as make hard choices about who can immigrate and who cannot.

Climate Truthers: Why Global Warming Deniers Are Conspiracy Theorists, Not Rational Skeptics

| Posted 05.31.2011 | Politics

The United States is experiencing a golden era of conspiracy theories. From the 9/11 Truthers to the Obama Birthers to the Trig Birthers and, most recently, the bin Laden Deathers, alternate theories of reality are alive and thriving.