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Entries by Sandip Roy from 01/2011

Looking for Dick Cheney's Heart

| Posted 01.05.2011 | Politics

For the last decade Dick Cheney has been the poster boy of evil, but America will have to find another prototype for implacable evil, because its current model is falling apart.

A Tale of Two Gunmen

| Posted 01.11.2011 | Politics

In Arizona the assailant is the crazy guy, the loner, the anti-social, the one everyone is quick to disown. The sigh of relief is that he acted alone. In Pakistan, he immediately becomes proof of something systemic.

Tiger Mother Haunts Obama's SOTU

| Posted 01.26.2011 | Politics

Obama did not mention Amy Chua in his State of the Union. But the implication was clear. Even as he talked about the "Sputnik" moment, he was really saying, America, this is the "Tiger Mommy" moment, wake up, because a "D" is NOT an acceptable grade.