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Entries by Sandy Goodman from 06/2008

New Book Asks: Where's God While We Suffer?

| Posted 06.08.2008 | Healthy Living

Books by three atheists created a firestorm last year. Surprisingly, some of the harshest criticism came from other atheists, scientists and philosoph...

How Bush Is Winning His Real Goals In Iraq

| Posted 06.23.2008 | Politics

Vietnam ended when the American people finally got fed up and our allies in the country couldn't go it alone. That could happen again. But with oil at more than $130 a barrel, don't bet the rent on it.

Scalia's Choice: More Deaths to Defend the Constitution

| Posted 06.28.2008 | Politics

Congratulations, Justice Scalia! Now we can all look forward to years of arguing over just exactly when, where and how the right to have guns in the home applies.