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Entries by Scott Thill from 08/2007

Twilight of Empire

| Posted 08.03.2007 | Politics
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Many of the so-called alternatives to the Bush administration running for president in 2008 are the same ciphers that paved the way for our current chaos.

Don't Get Comfortable

| Posted 08.27.2007 | Politics
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Call it the last throes. Call it wargasm. But just make sure to call it before Christmas. By then, we should be swimming in Bush's last plans for his doomed legacy.

The War on Stupid

| Posted 08.31.2007 | Politics
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Afghanistan's heroin trade remains fully functional if not better than ever. Hey, wait. I get it now. They're fighting the War on Terror there but not the War or Drugs. OK, I feel better. OK, I don't.