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Entries by Seth Shostak from 11/2010

Bye Bye to a Lovely Planet

| Posted 11.01.2010 | Technology

A new analysis suggests Gliese 581g, the first world found in deep space that might sport an environment comparable to our own, is an apparition -- a planet conjured into existence by other researchers' faulty interpretation of noisy data.

Are We a Biological Miracle?

| Posted 11.09.2010 | Technology

A generous slice of the citizenry thinks we might be the cleverest creatures in the Milky Way. But the suggestion that we're a special case makes me uneasy. It implies our existence is a miracle, and after all, miracles are science's last resort.

Living Forever Is Not a Good Idea

| Posted 11.15.2010 | Technology

I used to be a big fan of living forever. Since humans have gone beyond basic biology, I thought, why not re-engineer ourselves for a lifetime without an end point? Well, it turns out there are problems -- beyond the tedium of boorish men.

The Lugubrious Universe

| Posted 11.26.2010 | Technology

Allan Sandage died this month at age 84. While not generally known by the public, Sandage was legendary among those who study the sky, and beyond.