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Entries by John Bruhns from 10/2008

Obama's Edge Over McCain on Iraq

| Posted 10.07.2008 | Politics

Senator Obama's plan to leave troop elements behind would have conditions: the Iraqis would have to politically reconcile and end sectarianism. McCain's is to continue on the current path.

Prosecuting U.S. Troops Under Iraqi Law .. ?

| Posted 10.16.2008 | Politics

For all those who will accept nothing short of "victory" in Iraq, please get on the same page as the rest of us: sending others into an immoral situation and expecting them to behave morally is absurd.

The Obama Challenges

| Posted 10.23.2008 | Politics

As President, Obama will need to confront two costly wars, global terrorism, an economy on the brink and a serious energy crisis. Don't expect immediate change.

Congressman Wolf's Henchmen

| Posted 10.27.2008 | Politics

It appears as if Congressman Frank Wolf had his Macaca moment -- sort of -- but worse when Staffers from Judy Feder's campaign were assaulted when trying to ask Mr. Wolf a simple question.