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Entries by John Bruhns from 01/2009

Israel: Attacks on Gaza will Likely Backfire

| Posted 01.01.2009 | World

If you're a civilian living in Gaza and an Israeli missile strikes your home killing your loved ones what are you to do? . Chances are you're going to take up arms and attack anyone and everyone you feel is responsible for the death of your family.

Israel: There Has To Be A Better Way

| Posted 01.09.2009 | World

The war between Israel and Hamas is not as two-dimensional as the United States Senate would like to believe. This is a complex and asymmetric war that will not end favorably for either side.

Iraq: 3,000 High-Risk Detainees

| Posted 01.27.2009 | Politics

If these the 18,500 Iraqi detainees, when freed, return to terrorist activity, it will be the biggest road block to a stable democracy in Iraq -- if that's even possible.