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Entries by Shannyn Moore from 12/2008

The Alaskans Are Getting Restless....

| Posted 12.01.2008 | Politics

Enough is Enough! Someone needs to tell Sarah that she didn't win. She has been paid for her governor job for months during a campaign. Show up or shut up.

Governor Grifter... Again.

| Posted 12.03.2008 | Politics

Today Sarah Palin has disclosed previously omitted free trips, adding them to her financial disclosure forms. Hey, what's the big deal...she took those trips almost two years ago.

Sarah Palin: The Gift That Keeps On Taking

| Posted 12.08.2008 | Politics

Palin's per diem abuse has been dismissed by her staff with comparisons to former Gov. Frank Murkowski. That's like comparing a bad bartender to Jim Jones' Guyana Kool-Aid Stand and drinking up.