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Entries by Shannyn Moore from 03/2009

Palin's "Servant's Heart" Needs a Transplant

| Posted 03.10.2009 | Politics

Navigating Juneau would be easier if we had a map of the political payback IEDs Palin planted.

Karl Rove, Sarah Palin and Tim Griffin Walk Into a Bar...

| Posted 03.16.2009 | Politics

Why did Karl Rove's right-hand man and special assistant to George W. Bush, under Congressional investigation for felony vote caging, come to Alaska over 20 times last year?

Exxon Spill -- 20 Years of Tears

| Posted 03.24.2009 | Green

Sarah Palin failed to use the national stage to plead Alaskan's case to citizens who had long forgotten the images of a once pristine Prince William Sound turned into a thick, black, rolling sea.

Palin Appoints "W.A.R."

| Posted 03.26.2009 | Politics

Governor Palin just nominated Wayne Anthony Ross as the new attorney general. He's anti-choice advocate and NRA official, is a blatant pander to the base Sarah Palin is hoping to woo in the 2012 election.

UPDATEDPalin & Chevron; Spill Disaster in the Making UPDATED

| Posted 03.30.2009 | Green

After months of seismic activity, rumblings, and belches, why are 6 million gallons of oil still sitting at the base of the Mt. Redoubt Volcano in Alaska?