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Entries by Shawn Healy from 07/2009

Planet Palin

| Posted 07.07.2009 | Politics

Palin must assume the pitfalls of "movement" candidacies, running for the nation's highest office on the basis of lofty ideals and downplaying the importance of tried-and-true experience.

A Cook in Congress

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Chicago

Todd Stroger intends to seek reelection, but it's hard to see him weathering an ultra-competitive primary with such shaky credentials.

Lots of Smoke, Little Fire

| Posted 07.15.2009 | Politics

Our elected officials have decided to put national health care and cap and trade legislation on hold to diminish the 45 words of the First Amendment via a flag desecration amendment.

Cap'n Kirk Reporting for Duty

| Posted 07.22.2009 | Chicago

By positioning himself as a centrist removed from the scandalous Blagojevich years, Mark Kirk has a betting chance to wrestle away a Senate seat in a purple state that has trended blue.

In Demand: News Literacy

| Posted 07.29.2009 | Media

News literacy is "distinguishing--and appreciating--excellence." It requires confronting consumers' cynicism about media, where only a fifth of Americans believe "most or all" reporting.