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Entries by Sherman Yellen from 11/2007

Remembrance of Strikes Past

| Posted 11.07.2007 | Entertainment

I have lived through several strikes. But the one that remains clearest in my mind was the strike of 1988 when we struck for comparable reasons to the current strike.

Ellen and Izzy: A Tale from the WGA Strike

| Posted 11.11.2007 | Entertainment

Just when you thought nothing worse could happen to Ellen DeG after her unfortunate canine adoption caper, comes the writer's strike bringing fresh grief to America's TV Sweetheart.

Does Anyone Else Think That...?

| Posted 11.14.2007 | Politics

Hillary seems to provoke a condemnation disproportionate to her sins. She is not Dick Cheney. She is not even Lynne. She is not my candidate, but I do hate the word triangulate applied to her.

Rudy for Thanksgiving

| Posted 11.20.2007 | Politics

I suspect that anyone who votes for Rudy would be exhibiting the battered wife syndrome - having become so accustomed to abuse under Bush that one can excuse and condone it.

My Private Recipe For a Great Thanksgiving

| Posted 11.21.2007 | Healthy Living

With family, friends, and some dogs, who needs that secret recipe for cranberry sauce?

Post-Holiday Hiccups

| Posted 11.26.2007 | Entertainment

See Born into Brothels! It will change your life. And if you don't weep with joy at the end, you need Mother Theresa because you are half-dead already.

If Impeachment is Out, How About Damnation?

| Posted 11.30.2007 | Politics

George W. is up for Heaven or Hell. And since he's lived his life by elections (albeit some of them rigged) the popular vote would be an appropriate way to determine his fate in the afterlife.