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Entries by Simon Jenkins from 05/2005

Dull Echo

| Posted 05.17.2005 | Huffington Post

Have the neo-cons turned yak-eating surrender llamas in the steppes of middle Asia? After five years of lacerating attack from America for "not seeing the danger in Saddam", Europeans are understandably watching to see how America reacts to Karimov.

Iraq: Imposing Anarchy

| Posted 05.20.2005 | Huffington Post

From my brief time in Saigon I recall the Americans governing with some competence until the very end. No one who has visited Baghdad can be anything but aghast at the incompetence of the regime that the Pentagon put in place. This has nothing to do with the justification for toppling Saddam. From day one it was just sheer, ideologically-driven, neo-conservative incompetence.

Iraq: Inside the Green Zone

| Posted 05.21.2005 | Business
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A year ago I walked in the market square in Fallujah. I have done some crazy things in my time but I would not walk down any street in Baghdad today. Please, America, realize that in Iraq you have not created another Vietnam or Beirut or Somalia. You have created something far, far worse and getting more so.