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Entries by Simon Jenkins from 07/2005

London Is Not To Be Terrified by Anyone

| Posted 07.07.2005 | Politics
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The terrorist wants everyone to feel perpetually terrorized, to look askance at every Arab faces and dress, to overreact, cut and run for cover from the world.

Washington Hands Al-Qaeda Publicity Coup

| Posted 07.13.2005 | Entertainment
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Five days after we had four bombs explode on the London Tube and with everyone saying, stay calm and stay normal, US Air Force officials ordered personnel in Britain to avoid London, whether or not in uniform and including their families. Washington handed Al-Qaeda a free publicity coup on a plate. It incidentally had every front page and every pub bar ranting about cowardly Americans, jeering at the US Marines "We are not afraid" website, which adds "We stand with our British brothers and sisters."

London: Resisting the "Useful Idiots"

| Posted 07.29.2005 | Politics
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That some London passengers were sadly killed earlier this month does not put the security of the British state at risk. Britain is not at war just because some Arab says so. No amount of tabloid hysteria -- or tabloid government -- should make it otherwise. No city can be immune to bombs but that does not subvert democracy and engender a state of emergency. Anyone who pretends otherwise is an accessory to the terrorism itself. Modern terrorism relies on "useful idiots" of the right to exploit any terrorist incident to foment xenophobia, suspend civil liberties and seek revenge from any ethnic group vaguely linked to the incident.